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Happy 10th year blog anniversary- past a few days

Planned to post anyway but I discovered that on Jan. 5, 2007, I created this blog. Wow, has it really been that long? At any rate, Happy Blogaversary to me!

No new books to report yet- I'm working on two rather long ones right now. One is more than 500 pages, one just more than 800 pages. Yeah, I'm not ambitious, not at all.

Still, I've had several new experiences to report this time around:

1. My lil sis encouraged me to join a Pathfinders playing group. It's been described as being like Dungeons and Dragons, except not as complicated. I've been to two playing sessions and its a blast! Looking forward to more. I've done role playing card games before, but nothing like this. Essentially we all adapt a persona and work together through a set challenge. Really like the cooperative part.

2-4. I went with a friend of mine to the Chagrin/Woodmere area (never been there before) to try out a Lebanese restaurant and to try out a new wine and canvas event (or, as one of my coworkers put it, booze and brushes). Now, Aladdin's has similar dishes, but I've never tried Baba- similar to hummus, except with eggplant. Wow,is that stuff good- and filling. Very filling. A couple slices of pita bread, a banana and this stuff was a filling breakfast,and I had some left over. Essentially, leftovers lasted me over three days. And the rice. Oh. My. Gosh. The rice. I never tasted rice so good. Holy moly. The salmon was excellent as well but my favorite thing was the rice. I cannot overstate it- whatever the chefs do to the rice, it is food fit for the gods. We then went to the wine and canvas event. That was...mixed. I know my friend got a bit frustrated; the instructors had a hard time with the design, and shortly into it, I just forged my own trail. Still, not ruling out giving them another chance, there may have been factors at play beyond their control.

4. This past weekend, I went to my first Gotta Get Away. My mom and aunt have been doing this for years now (I think mom's been since the very first year.) Essentially, you bring a craft project or two, food items to share, do what you like, work on your projects and enjoy the company of some fantastic women. Ah,what memories! It was unusually warm this weekend- felt like late April, not late January. Still on the warm side now, but I see colder weather on the horizon. Nothing too bad, though. Hope I can go again!

So this brings me to 27 new events. Three months to my birthday... need to fit in 15 more...


My congratulations!