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Squeezed in one more book

Astounding what you can find when cleaning. I found another Hamilton-related book I had ordered, then completely forgot about. That was a pleasant surprise!

3. The Duel, by Judith St. George. I personally think Ron Chernow's biography is the gold standard for information related to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. However, for those wanting to find out more information on the nation's colorful and dynamic first treasury secretary and his rival Aaron Burr, but are daunted at the prospect of reading Chernow's 700+ page work, The Duel is an excellent alternative. Here, St. George concentrates solely on the startlingly similar lives Hamilton and Burr, whose place in history would be forever cemented by their infamous duel. I was able to finish this in one evening. It's well paced, and there is a nice bibliogrphy at the end. The Duel covers the basic highlights of the lives of the two men, and compares their similarities and notes how often their paths crossed, knowingly and unknowingly. All in all, a good read for either those wanting to find out more about Hamilton or Burr, or those needing a quick refresher.